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One of the most highlighted part of the house are bathrooms. It defines the whole environment of the house and bring out the true value of the house. A poorly renovated bathroom and lower down whole property value and make the whole house unattractive to buyers. To ensure that your bath is well maintained in every way, we have Parada Bathroom renovation services for you!

Our platform offers detailed and excellent services to make sure that your bathroom is best and efficiently functioning in every manner.

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In our bathroom renovation services, we provide not just facelift services but also complete plumbing to outlook renovation services. We generate ideas for all your ideas based on the other parts of the home. Confused? We mean to say that we provide you with realistic ideas in architectural terms for your abstract conceptions of design of your kitchen along with ensuring best plumbing setup for carefree usage and no leaking or seepage problem.

In case you have no designs to give us, we also generate complete designs for your bathroom. How do we do this? We do this in consideration with the settings of your house and the kind of design it has. Furthermore, our services also include installation of everything ranging from your bathroom tiles to your bathroom supplies, plumbing activities etc.

Moreover, we also product machinery and cabinets for your bathroom right at our organization with the help of our experts. There is nothing that you cannot do with our help by your side.

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Tips to save on bathroom renovation

Do you want to renovate the bathroom and are you trying to figure out how to save? No problem! In this paragraph we will help you to evaluate the possibility of starting work without having to spend a fortune. Tax concessions have been implemented for the renovation of the bathrooms that will allow you to face the expense with peace of mind.

With the approval of the Restructuring Decree, the Italian Government has established tax deductions for the renovation of the bathroom valid until the end of 2020. More specifically, we remind you that all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works are part of the restructuring bonus, including the construction of bathrooms for the disabled and the renovation of water systems.

Remember that the replacement of the sanitary ware, unless it is part of a larger plan of refurbishment of the water system, is not a modification considered by the renovation bonus. In any case, the percentage of tax deduction for this type of work related to the renovation of the bathroom consists of the 50% IRPEF deduction, refunded at the time of the tax return.

The furnishings of the small bathroom must be chosen to measure and, most of the time, this implies an increase in the price. The main characteristic of small modern bathrooms is the adoption of versatile and easy to clean materials.

Renovating the bathroom: ideas, costs, and tips to save

Renovating the bathroom is not child’s play, as it is necessary to take into consideration many variables that affect the final price and the aesthetics itself. The choice of materials, for example, is a delicate decision as it can modify the estimate significantly. In case you want to redo the bathroom and do not even know where to start, read this article carefully and we will guide you in the enterprise.

In case you are faced with small bathrooms, you will have to pay attention to the details and, above all, to the measures. Most of the time, a custom-made type of furniture is essential in confined spaces that allows you to take advantage of every corner and centimeter available. If the idea of ​​creating a modern bathroom appeals to you, but you don’t have innovative ideas to redo it in such a way as to make it a place to relax and be at ease, let yourself be carried away by the imagination and try to combine it with everyday practicality.

Renovating your bathroom can be complicated, especially if you don’t know where to start. First of all, you need to have clear ideas about the project to be completed. Once this is established, you have to proceed step by step. The first thing to do is demolition, in case there are any to be done. Do not think exclusively about the demolition of walls because, in case you have in mind to change the tiles and the floor, before starting it is good to get rid of the old coatings.

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Moreover, we also product machinery and cabinets for your bathroom right at our organization with the help of our experts. There is nothing that you cannot do with our help by your side.