Tips to save on bathroom renovation

Do you want to renovate the bathroom and are you trying to figure out how to save? No problem! In this paragraph we will help you to evaluate the possibility of starting work without having to spend a fortune. Tax concessions have been implemented for the renovation of the bathrooms that will allow you to face the expense with peace of mind.

With the approval of the Restructuring Decree, the Italian Government has established tax deductions for the renovation of the bathroom valid until the end of 2020. More specifically, we remind you that all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works are part of the restructuring bonus, including the construction of bathrooms for the disabled and the renovation of water systems.

Remember that the replacement of the sanitary ware, unless it is part of a larger plan of refurbishment of the water system, is not a modification considered by the renovation bonus. In any case, the percentage of tax deduction for this type of work related to the renovation of the bathroom consists of the 50% IRPEF deduction, refunded at the time of the tax return.

The furnishings of the small bathroom must be chosen to measure and, most of the time, this implies an increase in the price. The main characteristic of small modern bathrooms is the adoption of versatile and easy to clean materials.

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